Appointment of Postulators

For the cause of canonization of Rev.Fr.V.S.Lourdu Xavier Diocese of Kumabakonam

        I, the undersigned Bishop of the Diocese of Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, South India, having consulted the Senate of Priest during the meeting held on January 24, 2015 and having consulted the College of Consultors in the meeting held on February 13, 2015 appoint in accordance with the norms of Normal servandae in Inquisitionibus ab Epsicopis faciendis in causis Sanctorum of February 7, 1983 and Sanctorum Mater dated May 17, 2007.

Rev.Fr.Sebastian Innocent as Postulator

       For the cause of canonization of Rev.Fr.V.S.Lourdu Xavier with all the faculties granted by the norms mentioned above. I also grant the faculty to appoint, with my consent, one or more Vice-Postulator to assist in the process of the cause. Given at the Bishop’s Office,Kumbakonam on the day February 13, 2015 in the year of the Lord Two thousand and fifteen.

Attested  Chancellor  Diocese of Kumbakonam

Most Rev.F.Antonisamy
Bishop of Kumbakonam

Personal Details
Parents R.Sebastian-Regina Mary
Date of Brith : 15.01.1970
Age : 45
Native Parish : Keela Michaelpatti
Contact No : +91 894079195
E- mail :
Name of the Minor Seminary : S.H.Seminary , Kumbakonam
Name of the Major Seminary : Good Shepherd Seminary, Coimbatore
Philosophy : June, 1989
Theology : June, 1993
Ordination to Priesthood
Place : Kumbakonam
Date : 11.04.1997
Ordained prelate : Most Rev.P. Remigius.D.D.,
Educational Qualifications
Secular : B.A., English Lit., M.A.,
Ecclesiastical : B.Ph., B.Th., Doctorate in social Communications, Rome
Special interests and Talents : – Music, Singing, preaching, Teaching, Photography,Videography, organizing
S.No Post held Place Date of Appointment
1 Asst.parish priest Varadarajanpet 07.05.1997
2 Asst.parish priest Kumbakonam 18.05.1998
3 Secretary to the Bishop Kumbakonam 26.05.2000
4 studies in Social Communication Rome July, 2003
5 Director, Beschi Communication Center Kumbakonam 24.05.2011