Nihil Obstat from the Bishops

Petition of the Bishop


As the Bishop of Kumbakonam Diocese, Tamilnadu, South India and representing the Juridical person of the diocese of Kumbakonam, I am pleased to write the petition on behalf of the diocese for the canonization of Rev.Fr.V.S.Lourdu Xavier, a saintly priest who worked in the diocese of Kumbakonam.

He was born on 18-05- 1910 at Kovandakurichy in the Diocese of Kumbakonam for his parents Savarirayan and Savariammal and was baptized on 18-08- 1910 as Lourdu samy. His mother, Savariammal died within a few days after his birth and his father married Maria Selvam, younger sister of Savariammal. They left to Sri Lanka in search of work leaving behind the new born baby under the care of Soundiriammal, youngest sister of Savariammal.

He was brought up at Kovandakurichy and did his elementary education at Pullambadi and at Megalathur. After his high school studies at St.Joseph School, Cuddalore from 1923-1930, he joined St.Joseph Pontifical Seminary, Alwaye in 1932 and continued his seminary formation. He was ordained priest on 20-12- 1938. He loved his native parish so much that he changed his name into Vadugarpet Savarirayan Lourdu Xavier. He added the name Xavier in order to be grateful to Rev.Fr.A.Xavier who was the principal cause and source of inspiration to become a priest. Keeping the First letter of his native parish and his father’s name, he called himself V.S.Lourdu Xavier.

He served in three parishes namely Koovathur, Tholurpatty and Poondi of Kumbakonam Diocese. In all these places, he showed remarkable concern for the poor and carried out his pastoral ministry to the highest appreciation of everyone in the parish. He was outstanding in practicing the Christina virtues of faith in God and strong devotion to Blessed Virgin Mary, endurance in suffering due to his ill health and great concern for the poor and the needy.

He died on 15-04- 1972 and was buried at the middle of the Basilica of our Lady of Poondi, where he served his last years of life. Many miracles take place at Poondi. Thousands of devotees to the Basilica show their great devotion to Rev.Fr.V.S.Lourdu Xavier. Many of them report the special graces received through his intercession.

Hence I write this petition in accordance with the norms of the Church requesting the Perfect for the Congregation for the Cause of Saints to take up the process for canonization of Rev.Fr.V.S.Lourdu Xavier.

This petition is written on January 24, 2015 at the office of the Bishop of Kumbakonam.

Attested by

Most Rev.F.Antonisamy


Bishop of Kumbakonam

Request of the Bishop


Already when Servant of God Lourdu Xavier Savarirayan was at Koovathur, people knew him for his sanctity. They used to come and ask his blessing for healing. When he blessed, they were healed. They all understood that he was a man of prayer and sanctity.

His sanctity was again witnessed by the people at Tholurpatty. They found him a man of God and one who experienced God in his life. They used to ask for his prayers.

His saintly life was blossoming at Poondi under the special protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He made it a point to meet and listen to people, their problems and difficulties and spent hours in prayer before the BVM. And on the following day he used to give them answers in concrete terms giving them full of hope.

People claimed him to be a visionary experiencing the maternal care of the BVM and praying to her in a special way for those who came to Poondi with chronic illnesses. One day it happened that a bed – ridden man was healed miraculously. People believed him to be a saintly man. Those who had met him testified to the fact that a spiritual power was within him and he was able to see the future and guide them. One of the very concrete examples was the fall of the middle portion of the damaged and old Church which he wanted to build again. He knew it on the previous day and it did happen as he foretold it. The whole old edifice fell down when there was no one around.

His saintly life was further seen in his strong endurance of pain during his last years. He was highly diabetic and he was admitted in the Child Jesus Hospital, Trichy. Never had he grumbled at his sickness. Instead he continued to meet the people and carried on his ministry even if he was suffering and bed-ridden.

Servant of God Lourdu Xavier Savarirayan died indeed a holy man and his sanctity was known to the people far and wide. They asked for his prayers and expressed their gratitude through letters. Such is not possible if the man was not truly a saint during his life time.

Many devotees who visit the basilica of Our Lady of Poondi, spend time at his tomb praying and thanking God for the favours received. No doubt such a conviction grew among people as spontaneous reaction accepting Rev.Fr.V.S.Lourdu Xavier a powerful intercessor in Heaven.